Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adopt-A-Cop raising $$$ for DPD Bullet Proof Vests

Coming on the heels of Tuesday's record crowd at the "National Night Out" event in Davidson is a story on an effort called Adopt-A-Cop.

The effort is being coordinated by Davidson resident Christine Feeney and seeks to raise at least $3,600 for 6 new bullet proof vests to replace existing ones.

According to Feeney's Facebook page, after being inspired by a similar program in Concord, Feeney seeks to get a something similar up and running in Davidson.

The Concord "program involved adopting a police officer and pairing them with a person in the community who would send them a personal note of appreciation and a tangible gift around $25.00.

After speaking with the Chief of Police in Davidson I am going to do something a little different.  They are in need of replacing several bullet-proof vests this year.  I am asking those that participate in this program  to write the note of appreciation to the officer they are assigned but to make a monetary donation in the name of their officer to a fund that will be created to purchase the vests.

You can contact Christine Feeney at her Facebook page if you want to participate this way.

Feeney goes on to say "if folks don't want to be assigned an officer but want to donate they can send a check to the police department with a memo that it is for the vest fund."

The town mailing address is:

P.O. Box 579
Davidson, NC

You can also drop notes and checks off directly at Davidson Town Hall on Main Street.

Feeney has set an aggressive goal of raising the money by Monday, August 15th.

While that may seem like a short time frame, Davidson has a great history of raising money quickly for things important to the town.  In 2013, the Davidson Community Garden quickly blew away a similarly sized fundraising goal.  Back in 2011, to prevent closing the Davidson Public Library during the throws of the Great Recession, donors raised well over $200,000.

The DPD does a great job keeping Davidson one of the safest towns in the state.  Now, it's time to return the favor.  With that in mind, residents will hopefully open up their wallets for this worthy effort.

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