Friday, July 26, 2019

New West Branch neighborhood near 50% of 305 unit total

The West Branch neighborhood by Lennar on Davidson's east side of town, has likely reached 50% of its planned 305 units.  That's per an informal count conducted by aShortChronicle which tallied more than 153 units either complete or in various phases of construction.  There were also a few "purchased" signs on lots not yet started.  Combined, that puts the neighborhood well on its way.

The neighborhood includes lots of spec homes built by the company, but judging by the number that are occupied, things must be selling pretty well.

When West Branch began home construction in the first quarter of 2018, 305 homes seemed like a lot.  A mere 16 months later, not so much.  At this rate it would not be surprising to see it near completion before the end of 2020.

There have already been impacts to the greenway. aShortChronicle has covered those stories earlier here and here.  Recently, there have also been more impacts where the connecting road up to Hudson Place will go though.   In the below pictures one can see the greenway alignment has changed to cross at grade with the connecting road.

Per the Town Planning Department, this realignment was always part of the master plan.

Within the past couple of weeks the project has also cleared the trees up to Hudson Place for the connecting road.

According to information provided by the Town the work to complete the connection road will take several more weeks of work going into September.

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