Saturday, September 15, 2018

With rain starting keep eye on these Davidson "high hazard dams"

As Florence finally arrives locally and with several inches of rain or more expected in coming days, local dams will be under strain.  The Charlotte Observer posted a tool showing where identified "high hazard dams" are located with three in the Davidson area.  Maplecroft, Pages Pond, and Beaty.

For those wondering about Beaty, the pond was drained as recently as last week according to those who follow that closely.  Draining the pond is something that occurs regularly due to the poor rating of the dam, and should provide some excess capacity for the coming rains.  Up to six different runoff points drain into the pond which provides filtration before those waters flow downstream.

This weekend's rainfall will also be the biggest test of the new ponds built on the West Branch development.  When these ponds were first built there were some issues during major rain fall.  Here is hoping these hold as well to prevent any impacts on the now rescheduled Run for the Green which uses the adjacent greenway.

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