Sunday, September 9, 2018

Residents meet $10,000 goal in Griffith Street Hotel fight

With nearly a week to spare on their stated deadline, citizens opposed to the planned new hotel on Griffith Street in Davidson reached their $10,000 goal on Saturday to fund an appeal fight being mounted by the developer and landowner defendants.  The controversial project sandwiched between CSD's K7 building, houses on Westside Terrace, and the Spinnaker Cove neighborhood has brought together people from all across town and the LKN area in opposition.  Defendants are appealing a May Superior Court decision that invalidated the zoning allowing the project.

That opposition was on display with a "community yard sale" held Saturday morning at 341 Griffith Street.  The sale at the home of Evelyn Carr bought together people from across town who donated items for sale, their time, and money to bring this effort over the finish line.

Ms Carr (pictured bottom left at Saturday's event) has long been a stalwart voice at Davidson Town Hall, regularly speaking out on issues including safety for children walking to school along Griffith Street.

Prior to the event this weekend, she was interviewed by WSOC's Joe Bruno on why she was hosting the yard sale.  See that coverage here.

Having people in the community willing to "fight" to keep Davidson the town it is is one of the things that makes the town special.

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