Monday, February 12, 2018

Honeymoon Over: Controversial issues on Davidson agenda Tuesday

The honeymoon is over.

Tuesday, Davidson's new Board meets for its second regular meeting after being sworn into office, and the agenda shows some heavy issues already on their plate.

The 4pm portion of the agenda includes a closed session "to consult with attorney" - most likely meaning to discuss the lawsuit filed against the Town for its handling of the Griffith Street Hotel project.

While the current board did not vote to approve the four-story hotel across from Spinnaker Cove next to the Westside neighborhood and adjacent to the Community School of Davidson, the current board has to deal with the fallout from that poor decision.  The lawsuit claims several procedural errors on the part of the Town leading up to the November 14th lame duck approval by the outgoing former Board.  The lawsuit was filed in the middle of last month, and no formal response from the Town has been filed with the Court.

The Board will also hear an update on the Public Facilities (aka New Town Hall) project.  The project was also pushed through by the former Board before leaving office.

While few in town would question the need for better space for the town's public safety operations, this project was controversial because of the cost and the fact that the former Board refused to let voters decide on the largest spending measure since the Mi-Connection purchase in 2007.  If completed as planned, Davidson will have the poshest Town Hall in North Mecklenburg.  It will also come with a hefty price tag.  If completed as planned along with issuing the GO Bonds for other projects approved last fall, Davidson is looking at a 25% tax bill increase per the Town finance department.

The new Board did not vote on either of these projects, but the new elected officials did run against them to varying degrees during last fall's election campaign.  That means they now own the outcomes and are responsible for what happens next.

As for citizens, it is everyone's responsibility to make sure Town Hall knows the public has not forgotten about these issues.

Head over to Town Hall Tuesday.  The main meeting starts at 6pm.  There will be a public comment section at the beginning of the meeting.  You can also reach the entire Board and senior staff at

They need to hear from you.

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