Wednesday, December 13, 2017

History made in Davidson with swearing in of new Board

With Judge Eric Levinson leading the swearing in of five new elected officials on Tuesday at Davidson Town Hall, the message was clear.

The guard has changed.

By analysis done here at aShortChronicle, this is the only election in town history where as many Commissioners and the Mayor have changed.  Yes, there have been a few cycles with significant turnover, but nothing like what was seen Tuesday night.  Also, many of those previous cycles with significant turnover involved previously elected officials returning to elected office.  The new faces Tuesday night are truly new this time around.

Readers, that is a good thing, and it has been a long time coming.  Congratulations and thanks go to the people who stepped up to run for change and made it happen.

The group of officials taking over running the ship is highly qualified.  Davidson voters can be proud of who they've selected.  This group brings a wealth and diversity of experience that will serve the town well.  They have the wind at their backs after a resounding election victory, and they have the opportunity to make the course corrections Davidson residents want.

But....doing so will require them to be bold, and bold action is expected by the public.

Changes at the dais alone won't change policy.  That will require hard decisions to prove business as usual won't be accepted.

Here's to that being the case!

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