Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Davidson Commissioners Race Update...outstanding ballots

aShortChronicle checked with the Mecklenburg BOE on Wednesday to get updated information on the possible impact of outstanding votes on the tight race for the 5th place finish and the final seat on Davidson's Board of Commissioners.

David Sitton currently holds an 8 vote lead over Shana Erber (both candidates supported by Save Davidson).

There was a bit of confusion Tuesday evening as returns came in due to the fact that Davidson actually spans two counties.  The MeckBOE site only showed the two Mecklenburg precincts 127 and 206.  However, it did not include the Davidson Pointe neighborhood which is in Davidson's municipal boundaries but is in Iredell County.  Davidson Pointe is part of Davidson proper and not in the ETJ, so residents can vote in Davidson elections.  However, historically they almost never do.  This election was different with 70 ballots being cast.  When those votes were added to the  Mecklenburg total, Sitton edged ahead of Erber to get the 8 vote lead he currently has.

That does not mean the contest is over however. According to the Mecklenburg BOE there are 12 provisional ballots outstanding and up to 30 possible mail in absentees that did not come in prior to early voting close on Saturday.   Those will be counted Monday at 5pm.  The canvasing date was supposed to be this Friday but due to Veterans Day, the deadline is now Monday.  To add even another wrinkle, interestingly, if a mailed in ballot comes without of post mark after election day it doesn't get counted at all.  Apparently, the post office does not post mark everything anymore.

With somewhere between 12 and 42 ballots still to be counted on Monday the results for the final seat on Davidson's Board certainly could still change. Did not check with Iredell to see if there were any to add to this total.

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