Friday, October 6, 2017

Signs, signs, everywhere Davidson?!?!

The political junkie in me has always had a thing for campaign signs during election season.  There is a collection of them in the garage at aShortChronicle HQ for every campaign I've ever supported or volunteered with, whether it be a ballot issue or a candidate for office.

However, in Davidson there has been a long running taboo against them.  Oh, officially they've always been allowed, but they were aggressively frowned upon.  That was definitely the case up until 2013.  Yours truly ran that year for the Town Board and had just a handful of signs along with a couple of other candidates.  Even that handful of signs garnered negative feedback from the town establishment. Personally, that stance seemed like nothing but an easy way for those holding the reigns at Town Hall to keep on holding them.  In the race for elected office name recognition is important - particularly for challengers.  Suppressing that by keeping names off the street is good for incumbents.

This year that taboo appears to have been completely shattered.  Even Mayor John Woods who at the Save Davidson forum just a couple of weeks ago called campaign signs "pollution" has flip flopped on that stance and gotten into the game.

After taking a drive around town, here are some pics of yard signs showing up this fall.

This last one made me chuckle when I saw it in River Run....the split household.

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