Friday, October 6, 2017

Griffith Hotel vote NOT on Tuesday agenda...the people are watching...

On Friday afternoon, the Town of Davidson published its agenda for next Tuesday's Board meeting, and it does NOT include an agenda item to vote on the  Griffith Street hotel.

Per the last story on this project here at aShortChronicle, the Town Planning Board unanimously voted the project to be "inconsistent" with the town's planning plans and principles.  However, Town staff still support it and the Board of Commissioners have yet to take numerous concerns with the seriousness they deserve.

That story, "Planning Board staunchly opposes Grffith Hotel, Town Board still minimizing concerns", is now #3 out of more than 800 stories in the history of this blog.  It is the all time leader for purely Davidson centered stories.  It has more page views than any story on the failed Catalyst Project; more than any on the recently failed Beaty Street RFP

The people are watching this story very closely.

The official reason for the delay in the town email was that the developer requested it.

"Please notethat the consideration of a vote on the Davidson Commons East conditional master plan amendment (proposed Hyatt Place) is not on the agenda. The applicant requested a 30-day deferral to the November 14 meeting in order to provide the additional information requested by the Davidson Board of Commissioners, including a detailed landscape plan for the buffer area."

Regardless of the reason, this vote will now occur after the November 7th election.  If you needed any more motivation to get to the polls and elect some new blood at Town Hall, now you have it.  Yes, the current Board will still be in office on November 14th, but voting for this as a lame duck would be an exceedingly hard thing to live with in a small town.

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