Saturday, September 17, 2016

#NCGA: 2nd anti-Bradford mailer from shadowy group hits area mailboxes.

On Wednesday, aShortChronicle told readers about a mailer from NC Families First - a partisan, dark money spending operation with a history of going after Republicans.  The mailer that landed that day went after NC-98 Rep John Bradford on the I77 toll issue.

Well, it turns out that mailer was just the first of a two barrel blast from NC Families First this week with the second one firing on Friday.  Here it is...

NC Families First Mailer

The points made on this second flyer were exactly the same as the ones made in the first, so there's no need to debunk them again here.


There was something interesting noticed with this second one.

On Tuesday we told you about the previous flyers mailed in support of Campbell by the Democratic Party of North Carolina.  All of these flyers were Authorized by Campbell and all had some level of focus on the I77 toll issue.  One of those mentioned Bradford specifically.

NC Democrats Mailer

In the bottom left hand corner of both flyers lists the "fact check" references for the statements made.

Here they are up close.  The top is from NC Families First and the bottom is from the NC Democrats.

Notice anything?  Take a good close look.

Four out of six references on each flyer are exactly the same.

Out of all the stories on the I77 issue done over multiple years by various print, TV, and online media outlets these two completely independent operations pick the same four out of six media reports to reference in hit pieces targeting the same person.

One paid for by the Democratic Party and one paid for by a dark money operation with 2014 campaign ties to the "eviscerate" crowd.



  1. Has any public polling data been reported in this race?

  2. Haven't seen any polling data.

    The Haymaker posted about the Dems pouring a million into Wake and Mecklenburg to "carpet bomb" the area.

    My guess is we'll be seeing these flyers every other day or so for the next two months.

  3. If voted yes then what is the beef. He deserves to lose.

    1. Unfortunately, the voters of Cornelius disagree with you.

      In 2013 I myself ran as an anti toll candidate in Davidson and lost while Bradford rN in Cornelius and won. That's a pretty good indication of where the public was on the issue at the time. Actually I believe all or almost all of the most anti-toll challenger candidates lost that year across North Meck.

      It wasn't until the 2015 cycle that incumbent toll supporters lost in Huntersville. If that had happened in 2013 to Bradford when there was an actual "Fire Bradford" effort, things might have turned earlier. Again, the fact that didnt happen shows where the electorate was that year on that issue.

      Whose fault is that?

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