Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An election day "sign" of the apocalypse in Davidson?

Davidson precinct 206 is typically the lone speck of blue in what is otherwise a sea of red that is the Lake Norman area on Election Day.   However, if the campaign signs around Davidson Town Hall today are any indication, something of an anomaly may be happening.

The signs today were predominantly for Republican candidates.

And if that wasn't surprising (or jarring) enough for Davidson's left leaning citizenry, "The Donald" had the most.

Trump's signage was followed closely his opponent Ted Cruz and by Greg Brannon in his run for US Senate.

As for the other side of the aisle, the signage did not reflect the historically leftward leanings of the precinct's voters.

Only one small Hillary sign and one for the Bern were seen out front along Main Street - rather shocking for a location right across from Davidson College.

But did that signage ultimately mean anything when it came to vote totals?

No, no it did not.

Vote totals in the Republican Presidential Primary were 814.  The Democrats with their small number of signs counted 1140 voters.

PCT 206 is still safely in the hands of the Dems, outside appearances on election day not withstanding.

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