Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New details on new Exit 30 hotel

After last week's post here at aShortChronicle regarding the possible new hotel at Davidson's Exit 30, the property owners have apparently been fielding a few questions.

Today they put out the below press release providing a few more details.

Press Release:

Preliminary plans are under development for a new hotel at the corner of Griffith Street and Davidson Gateway Drive in Davidson, reports Martin Kerr of Martin Kerr & Associates.

The location would be next to Woodie’s Auto Service and Repair. Site investigation and due diligence are in the final stages. The owner and hotel developer will submit plans to the Town of Davidson within the next few weeks.

The proposed hotel would be built and managed by a local hotel developer with existing properties in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area. The hotel is an upscale, recognized international brand, with approximately 120 rooms. Initial plans include meeting space with an enhanced technology package, a pool and full service restaurant with possible lake views.

“A hotel is a great complementary use for this site instead of the multi-family project approved and originally envisioned here,” says Kerr. “It is expected to generate less traffic in the immediate area as well as throughout town. Additionally, it will produce more revenue for the town from food and lodging taxes. From a market and potential customer perspective, it is close to I-77 and amenities in the Harris Teeter area, yet still within walking distance of Davidson College and Main Street.”

“Preliminary research supports capacity for an additional hotel in Davidson,” Kerr adds. “We are excited about the potential our location presents. We look forward to sharing more information as details become available and to working with the town, community and developers on this excellent opportunity.”

As mentioned in the previous post the Town of Davidson responded last week when asked about the project that...

"The Davidson Commons East conditional master plan (last amended in 2013 to allow for Woodie’s) depicts two storefront and/or workplace buildings up to three stories and not to exceed 50 feet for the parcels in question. Any deviation from this approved master plan would require a conditional rezoning and approval from the Board of Commissioners."

When asked if Kerr expected the project to go through the conditional zoning process, he responded the answer to that question would have to wait until the project application was submitted.

If the answer to that question turns out to be "yes", expect that process to be an interesting one.

There have already been some concerns expressed about having a hotel next to a school.  (CSD is right next door.)  However, as Kerr points out, a multi-family apartment complex could go on the site as well.  That may not be a better situation for those with any safety concerns.

As with almost all new projects that impact the small town character of Davidson, traffic and safety concerns are likely to top the list with this one.

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  1. What's wrong with having a hotel next to a school?