Saturday, January 2, 2016

Big week for I77 tolls issue...buckle up!

This coming week will be big - maybe the biggest in the 3-year saga of the anti-toll movement fighting the proposed I77 HOT lanes.

In just 1 1/2 days this past week, activists raised nearly $10,000 from over 150 donors to place an ad in the Sunday Observer.  The ad intends to educate the Charlotte region on the toll issue.

"This fund is to pay for an ad in the Charlotte Observer to inform the citizens of Charlotte about the specifics of the toll road controversy as many are completely unaware. Private citizens are supporting their own effort to inform the general public as many elected officials, along with the NCDOT are not forthcoming with the details that affect the lives and communities in this region."

This type of ad should combat the pro-toll propaganda being put out by NCDOT/Cintra and broaden the reach of the anti-toll movement .

The fundraising campaign was led by activist Michelle Ferlauto of Cornelius.  Due to deadline issues, as of this writing it is unclear whether or not it will be this Sunday (Jan-3) or next.  Regardless of when this hits the presses, it is highly impressive that an impromptu effort like this could be so successful during the holiday season.

On Facebook, Kurt Naas with had this to say....

"Thank you Michelle Ferlauto for all you have done on this!  Even though the timing didn't work out perfectly, this is just an incredible show of support by our community."

And that support will be needed this coming week.

On Monday, Jan-4, Charlotte officials will be discussing the upcoming vote on the project at CRTPO planned for later this month on Jan-20.  With Charlotte carrying 46% of the vote on that body, its position is critical.

Bookending this coming work week will be the long-awaited leagal hearing in the effort to stop the project.

The group is encouraging people to head down to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse FrIday morning as a show of support.  The group is looking to pack the 100 seats available.  Here are the details.

January 8, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. 
Mecklenburg County Courthouse
Courtroom 6170
    832 East Fourth Street
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Carpools are also being formed at all Lane Norman exits if anyone needs a ride.

Buckle up!  This week could be a wild ride.

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