Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CRTPO Meeting Tonight - Will they dump HOT Lanes

With Mecklenburg County now on-board with postponing the HOT lanes project on I77 until thhe contract is audited for more irregularities, our state Rep John Bradford has stepped into the fray.  After Tuesday's vote he posted the below on the LKN Election Connection Facebook page.

"I am respectfully encouraging all CRTPO members to work to amend their agenda tomorrow night and formally consider asking the NCDOT for a delay in the financial close of the I-77 project. The ground rules of this project have changed with the introduction of a possible new funding option (i.e. bonds) since MUMPO (now called CRTPO) decided back in 2007 to sanction a Fast Lanes study that would ultimately recommend express managed lanes. I do not think this group of elected officials would have made the same decision if they knew that a possible third funding option (i.e. bonds) was a possibility. It seems to me that a request for a delay in the project's closing is very reasonable and it would send a clear message to NCDOT that the decision over 7 years ago to support managed lanes was made under a very different set of funding possibilities."

Of course, after revealing Tuesday night that he cannot vote on the project, Mecklenburg County's, Dumont Clarke should not vote not be the project as the county's CRTPO member.  At the Tuesday MeckBOCC meeting Clarke had to admit publicly that he has a conflict of interest on the toll road project via his firm's involvement with a client.  Clarke recused himself from voting on the MeckBOCC amendment.  Clarke works for high powered law firm Moore and Van Allen.

If you are interested in supporting Rep Bradford in his request CRTPO change course, email members at the below addresses asking them to include a vote on a HOT lanes resolution in tonight's agenda.

Huntersville Commissioner Sarah McAulay chairs the body.  She can put this on the agenda if she wants to do so.  Hers is the first address.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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