Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WidenI77 throws down the gauntlet! (Lawsuit Press Conference Pics)

Here are a few pics from Tuesday's press conference announcing the WidenI77.org legal challenge to the NCDOT/Cintra scheme to build HOT lanes on I-77 through Lake Norman.

It was well covered by local media as you can see.

If you are interested in listening to the audio, check out this link at PunditHouse.com.

If you are interested in reading the whole complaint, you can read it here at WidenI77.org.

There are a number of really interesting points in there, and it will be interesting to see how they play out.

Is a toll a fee or a tax?  Is a road that provides unlimited profit potential to a private company in the public interest?  Has the General Assembly delegated too much of its constitutional authority to the NCDOT?  Does the actual road plan which converts a portion of a general purpose lane to a HOT lane a violation of the law?

Those are all questions which this lawsuit will address.

At this point the lawsuit has not delayed anything.  Even though it appears likely the contractor will miss a Thursday deadline to secure financing, it is being reported NCDOT has said the deadline will be extended.

What's unknown is if this lawsuit may make it harder to get that financing if experts believe the points it raises have serious legal potential.

If you are interested in helping see this through, the main thing needed at this point is $$$.  Check out the WidenI77.org website and be on the lookout for their fundraisers next month.

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