Sunday, July 29, 2012

THIS TUESDAY: Special Meeting on 4 Year Terms & Proposed Ballot Language

Tuesday evening at 5pm the Davidson Board will meet at Townhall to once again discuss 4-year terms.  This meeting came out of the issues posted here last week on this blog.  In an ideal world, the Board would drop this issue.  Between the missed procedural steps and the below examples of proposed ballot language, it is obvious this idea has not been fully thought out.

Initial ballot language received from Town Manager Brice.

Should the ordinance establishing four year staggered terms for the Mayor and Town Board of Commissioners of the Town of Davidson be approved?  ___yes   ___no

Follow-up language from Town Attorney Kline to clarify that this was an actual charter amendment (which indicates that the initial draft language may not have been fully vetted before sending to the Mecklenburg Board of Elections).

Shall the ordinance amending the Charter of the Town of Davidson to change the term of the Board of Commissioners from two year terms to four year staggered terms and changing the term for the Mayor from two years to four years be approved?  ___yes  ___no

Of course, neither one of these allows for separate questions for the Mayor and Board, so ultimately, neither of the above could be the language voters will see in November if this goes forward.

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