Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hearing date set for Griffith Street Hotel appeal

The long awaited date for the next step in the Griffith Street Hotel lawsuit became available last week.  Oral arguments will be heard at 1pm on Wednesday, February 13th at the NC Court of Appeals in Raleigh.  This is the only case scheduled for oral argument for its three judge panel, so things should get started on time.

The appeal of the Superior Court decision to invalidate the zoning approval for a new Hyatt Place hotel sandwiched between the Westside neighborhood, the K-7 building  of the Community School of Davidson, and across from Spinnaker Cove is being brought by the developer/landowner defendants in the case.  The Town of Davidson is not a part of the appeal.

Oral arguments will be heard by Judge Chris Dillon, Judge Lucy Inman, and Judge Allegra Collins.  For what it is worth since judicial races are now partisan in North Carolina, Judge Dillon is a Republican and Judges Inman and Collins are Democrats.  Judge Dillon was elected to the Court of Appeals in 2012, making him the most senior of the three.  Judge Collins was just elected in November 2018, making her one of the newest members of the Court of Appeals.  Judge Inman was elected in 2014.

It is hard to believe, but this Griffith Street Hotel saga is now in its fourth calendar year.  Check out the Griffith Street Hotel Chronicle to catch up on the action from the very beginning.

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