Friday, May 12, 2017

Mooresville Planning Board passes Lake Davidson rezoning....the beginning of the end?

Rezoning in Red Outline

  • Reports on Facebook tell the tale of what happened last night at Mooresville Town Hall where the Town's Planning Board passed a "straight up rezoning" in favor of the request from developer Hinckley Gauvain.  This request moves 140 acres from R3 residential to high density mixed use.  This will more than double the number of houses allowed on the land.

The meeting was packed according to multiple people in attendance from Davidson, and like recent meetings in Davidson after hearing near unanimous opposition to the plan to pack more people onto the area the Planning Board approved the rezoning with only one member objecting.

Now it goes to Mooresville's elected Town Board for approval on June 5th.  Sadly however, aShortChronicle has already told readers that is a rubber stamp meeting according to the town.  In fact, the approval is already printed and in the file just waiting for the Board to sign.

The truly depressing if not terrifying part of this is the precedent it sets for future development.  Eric Giangiordano of Davidson's Hobbs Hill neighborhood was in attendance at the meeting.  He also put together the below post showing where this type of development could go in Davidson and South Iredell.

"Here's a simple visual on what should really concern area residents in Mooresville, Davidson and elsewhere. This proposed density "Lake Davidson" development represents approx. 150 acres of land. Ok, now let's play a quick numbers game: (A) # of TOTAL acres West of NC115 between Langtree Road and Beaty Street fronting Lake Davidson? ANSWER = 700+. (B) # of TOTAL acres bordered between Langtree Road, Beaty Street, Lake Davidson and Shearers Road? ANSWER = 3,000+. (C) Distance between Beaty Street and Langtree Road? ANSWER = less than 2.5m (approx.). A vast majority of all this acreage is minimally if not entirely undeveloped so far. So once precedent is set by Mooresville, in theory another 15+ additional developments of similar scope/size are possible within less than a 3m radius, translating (using Lake Davidson density as a basis) into another near 1,800 single-family homes, 4500 condos, 1800 townhouse, 4500 apartments, nearly 1 million sq. ft. of general office space and another 1 million sq. ft. of retail space. That kind of development would then eventually add tens of thousands of cars onto NC115 daily - a 2-lane road with no significant expansion plans/options in immediate future."

Potential Developable
Land in Red Outline
Thursday night may have witnessed the true beginning of the end for this area's livability over the next 10-15 years, and if you were to ask Mooresville planners there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

In their own words, this is all just "straight up" stuff.

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  1. So sad, for what was once such a beautiful place to grow up on the lake.