Thursday, April 13, 2017

Davidson set to compete for "Fastest Growing Charlotte Suburb" by 2020 published a story this week about the 10 fastest growing Charlotte suburbs between 2010-2015.

Waxhaw topped the list at 36.87% and Davidson broke the top 10 coming in at 11.61%.  Cornelius and Huntersville came in at the mid-12% range.

Percentages don't tell you anything about the raw numbers, but they do give you a sense of how changes impact the quality of life and the lifestyle of a particular place.  If the population of a place is small a big percentage increase likely has a bigger impact on the "feel" of a community than a smaller percentage increase in a larger town that actually generates more people.

Take Waxhaw for example.

Its 37% growth over five tears certainly would have more of a lifestyle impact by adding roughly 3500 people to a 2010 population of 9900 than say the 12% growth of adding 5600 people to Huntersville's 2010 population of 47,000.  Huntersville was already fairly big so adding a larger number of people may have been less noticeable day to day than the smaller number of people added to Waxhaw.

One has to wonder if Davidson will be challenging for the top spot on the list in 2020 with all the new approved neighborhoods slated to be online by then. (Davidson East 500+ homes, West Branch 300+ homes, Washam Neighborhood 80+ homes).  Then add those projects on the drawing board.  (Davidson Depot 180 appts, Beaty Street 150+ condos/townhomes).  That's 1200 homes right there.

We will also likely know by then if the recently approved RAP rezoning spurs even more growth.

Here is the top 10 list in order from largest percentage increase down to smallest.  The numbers shown are the 2010 starting population.  Notice how the top 2 have a spike in 2010 that kickstarted their growth and rise to the top of this chart.  Davidson has a built in spike likely in 2018-2019 in the already approved developments.

Will that spike launch the town into the top tier of high growth suburbs?  Only time will tell.

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