Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More development on the way for South Main? Rumor mill says maybe.

Another potential large development project may be in the works for South Main.  aShortChronicle has gotten word that the land pictured in this ad may be in play again.

This is the old Davidson Clinic site and the two residential parcels next two it.  They total just under 6 acres.

A couple of years ago these were in play, but nothing ever came of it.  However, a project of this size could be massive.  As a frame of reference, the Town owned land around Town Hall is only 3.5 acres.

While we are still in the information gathering stage on this story, here is what we do know at this point.

When the Town was asked directly if there was a project in the works there,  this was the answer.

"Our planning department has meetings with developers related to potential projects on parcels regularly.  We do not have an application on this site at this time."

This is the standard non-answer received from Town when a plan may be in the works but an official application has not been submitted.  The Town won't say yes or no to that kind of question even though many meetings may occur prior to an official application submission.  A public records request has also been submitted to see if more can be determined.

aShortChronicle also asked the real estate agent listed in the ad the same question.  That answer?

"Let me check with my clients and the developer and I will get back to you..."

That was 5 days ago, and that certainly sounds like something is happening.  A developer would not be involved otherwise.

With so much going on in the development arena - particularly the town-owned Beaty Street property - it may be a good idea for the Town to hit pause on its own public sector development plans until it knows what's happening here in the private sector.


  1. only what I mentioned here. Have not checked since.