Friday, February 10, 2017

Davidson Board agenda heavy with development items

The Davidson Board of Commissioners meets Tuesday and the agenda is chock full of items moving various development projects forward.

First, there is a resolution regarding Bailey Springs. There is no information attached, and it only says "accept offer & advertise upset bid process."  That may be a reference to the town plan to build a significant affordable housing development in the neighborhood.  aShortChronicle had previously reported on the fact the initial "bids" were for the town to give the land away for free.

It includes an annexation request for the Westmoreland Farm property off of Davidson-Concord Road.  That will be the site of the West Branch project which will bring 300+ homes to that corridor.  aShortChronicle told you last week about activity there indicating development was about to start.  Annexation pretty much seals the deal on that project getting started.

The Town Board also will revisit a budget amendment to move forward on the analysis for the public facilities RFP.  Last month Commissioners balked at the price tag of $306.5k.  The new budget amendment is only $241k, so you can bet this one will be approved.

The Board also has some text amendment and rezoning requests on the agenda for approval.  What's notable about these is what they do not include.  They do not include the controversial Rural Area Plan (RAP) rezonings and text changes.  aShortChronicle has covered these town initiated rezonings extensively.  The absence of these being included in this month's agenda may be taken as a sign the town is at least listening to residents' concerns.  Opposition to these RAP rezonings has been rising.  In fact just yesterday a petition from "Citizens for Smart Growth" began circulating opposing this plan.  You can find the petition here.

Quite the Valentine's Day for the development community at Davidson Town Hall.

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  1. One possible reason for the rush to push through so many development proposals is fear that some or all of the Town Board and Mayor will be voted out this coming November.