Monday, January 30, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Davidson receives 6 proposals for Beaty Street property

Town of Davidson Beaty St Property
The Town of Davidson has received multiple serious responses to its RFP for the development of 18 acres off of Beaty street.  Nine firms inquired about the project, and six actually submitted proposals. The due date for proposals was 1/18, and last week aShortChronicle obtained copies of the submissions.

Per Assistant Town Manager, Dawn Blobaum, the initial selection process plans to move forward quickly.  The Beaty Street Selection Committee driving this project will meet on 1/31 to short list the proposals for interviews within the next two weeks and plans are to present at the February 28th work session.  The Town plans to have a public input session prior to the 2/28 Board work session an is targeting a March 14th final decision by the Board.

Based on preliminary review of the proposals here are the highlights:

  • This effort could bring 100s of new housing units as well as significant commercial development to the Beaty Street/NC115 area in the next few years.  The largest residential proposal would be over 300 apartments.  The largest commercial proposal rivals what was envisioned by the Catalyst Project and includes a 100 room hotel.
  • Each proposal includes $550k towards improving the Beaty St/ NC115 intersection, but they vary wildly in how much developers appear to be willing to pay for the land in addition to that - ranging from $250k to $2.7m.
  • Most proposals involve someone with close connections to Town Hall.  It will be interesting to watch as these insiders battle it out for the right to develop one of the most important land holdings of the town.  The first inkling into this will be who makes the short list.
Davidson residents need to stay on top of this one as it will be incredibly impactful to this corridor of town.

Town Hall must ensure that taxpayers get the most value out of  this resource.  It's not something that voters will tolerate if once again land is given away to support pet projects, or if it appears the best interests of those with Town Hall connections are favored over the interests of those who pay Town Hall's bills.

Contact the Board at to let them know you will be watching.

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