Friday, July 8, 2016

"Special Meeting" on Monday regarding #Davidson capital projects

The Davidson Board of Commissioners will meet for something called a "mini-retreat" on Monday evening at 5pm.

"Retreat" is typically just the fancy name for a meeting held outside Town Hall.  Really, there's nothing all that special about them.  In fact the only "practical" reason for having them is to keep away the prying eyes of the public.  To accomplish this, "retreats" are sometimes held far outside of town limits in places like Southern Pines or Blowing Rock.

However, for Monday night's "retreat" Davidson Commissioners will be staying close to home and visiting the Davidson College Knobloch Campus Center Room 209

The topic for the evening will be all sorts of big ticket spending items.  Here's the agenda...

Is this discussion a precursor to the long discussed General Obligation Bond effort?

You will have to attend to find out.  Per Town Hall, the meeting is open to the public but will not be recorded.

NOTE:  An earlier notice said the meeting would be on Grey Road.  The information posted above is the most current.

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