Sunday, December 6, 2015

More Catalyst Project Meetings Planned

Davidson's "new" Town Board will be sworn in on Tuesday at the regularly scheduled December monthly meeting at 6pm.

Normally, the swearing in meeting for a new Board is nothing but formality and completing required actions such as appointing committee assignments, electing Mayor Pro Tem, etc.  New work is not typically started or old work finished.  That's particularly true if there are new Board members who might need some ramp up time, or to even just let them "enjoy the moment."

But since Davidson's "new" Board is the same as the "old" Board, that's not the case this time.  Instead, they are charging right ahead with what will likely be the most controversial topic for the town in the next term.

At the pre-meeting scheduled for 5:30, the Board will discuss its next steps on the Catalyst Project.  The agenda item includes a full court press communication plan for soliciting feedback.

It looks like it incorporates some of the suggestions heard at previous info sessions.  That's a good thing.  However, knowing that certain town staff are fully behind the project, citizens need to definitely keep their attention on this topic and look at the information presented with a critical eye.

See here for the details on the next 3 months.

Things are about to start moving quickly, so those interested in this topic need to get ready to participate.

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