Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beware the wild dogs of River Run!

As Davidson ponders its rural character, it's safe to say this is not something you'll see in an urban setting.

Per comments provided by the Town's public information officer, Christina Shaul, starting about 10 days ago, the Davidson Police Department has received approximately three calls related to some wild dogs in the River Run area.

“We recommend that citizens be aware of their surroundings, take necessary precautions with their children and pets, and call 911 if they see these wild dogs, so that animal control can help us catch them,” said Davidson Assistant Police Chief Chuck Hunter.

The below information was distributed by River Run's POA management company in an email to residents on Tuesday morning.


Davidson Police have been searching for wild dogs in the River Run Development for over two weeks. The dogs travel in packs of 3 to 5, and have attacked and killed two cats on owners' property on River Ford Drive at Maplecroft Lake Lane.

Please take precautionary measures with your pets and small children, and call Davidson Police with any and all information that may lead to the whereabouts of these dangerous animals.

If you live on the South and East sides of Davidson would suggest that you have your neighborhood at your way distribute something similar.

Be careful out there!

Update: A reader over on Facebook who lives in River Run had this to say...

"My guess is that they are coyotes. They are all over River Run, especially on Rocky River Drive. See them all the time. They travel in small packs."

Makes a lot of sense.  Coyotes in Davidson...who knew???

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