Sunday, March 8, 2015

March is here. Let the Madness begin!

In a departure from the usual topics covered here, I've just got to say what an awesome basketball season it has been!  March Madness promises to be an exciting one.

Growing up in Louisville, Ky during the seventies and eighties I as a huge UofL fan.  Having the Cards in the ACC has brought back a lot of the interest I'd lost in college basketball.  Add to that my alma mater, UVA, dominating the league for the second year straight, and I can say I'm fully back in 'fan' mode.

So to say the least, I was absolutely torn watching my UofL Cardinals play my UVA Cavaliers Saturday night.  The ending was appropriate with both teams hitting last second shots leaving me feeling both happy and disappointed for both teams in a matter of seconds.

Louisville won that game 59 - 57 handing the Cavaliers only their second loss all season.

And the there is Davidson.

The Wildcats have ended the regular season in spectacular fashion - handing VCU a stunning defeat in Belk arena on Thursday and following that up with a crushing road win against Duquesne on Saturday.

Judging by what the basketball pundits are saying, that should be enough to secure Davidson it's first ever at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

If it wasn't for the two "bad" losses on their record - St Joseph and St Boneventure - there would be no doubt about it at this point.  But in case the selection committee needs any more encouragement to give Davidson a spot, here is a stat that I  hope they take into consideration.

Davidson is one of only two teams this season to score more than 70 points against the smothering Virginia defense.  They scored 72 in their loss to UVA back in December.  They were the first team to achieve that, and after destroying the famed VCU Havoc defense this past week, they've proven they can score against just about anybody.  That's the kind of team you want in the tournament.

After winning the A10 in its first year in the conference, what Coach McKillop and the team have done really deserves some national attention.  McKillop should be on the list of candidates for NCAA Coach of the Year.  Not having him there is a big miss in my opinion.

For a look back on the Wildcats season so far, check out this interview with Coach McKillop on Sunday.

The rest of March promises to be exciting!!!

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