Monday, June 23, 2014

In NC-98 Race, Natasha Marcus Racks Up Support from Several Davidson Board Members

Davidson resident and Democratic Party NC-98 House Candidate Natasha Marcus is holding a fundraiser Tuesday night at the Wooden Stone gallery on South Main Street.  Below is the flyer for the event.

Sponsors for the event include several members of Davidson's Board - Commissioners Rodney Graham, Jim Fuller, and Brian Jenest as well as Mayor John Woods. 
Just thought readers might want to know who many of their local officials are supporting in this race.

Bonus Observation: This event happens to be at the same time as the usual Davidson Board work sessions. Those work sessions are on Summer hiatus, but this time could have been used to hold the requested Special Meeting on HOT lanes desired by Commissioners Cashion and Anderson - the only two Commissioners not sponsoring this event.  That request failed to get support from Mayor Woods or any of the other Commissioners.

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