Monday, May 12, 2014

Paul "Skip, burned by the mute button " Stam on toll roads...

If you have ever worked in an environment where conference calls are commonplace, then you've probably experienced someone being "burned by the mute button."  That's where someone says something unfortunate when they think they are on mute, but it turns out they are not.

A version of that embarrassing scenario unfolded this past weekend for NC House Republican Leader, Paul "Skip" Stam, when an email extolling the virtues of tolling NC's roads inadvertently was sent out to those beyond an inner circle including senior staff in Speaker/US Senate Candidate Thom Tillis's office as well as staff from the NCDOT.

Check out for the full text of the talking points we're all sure to hear as NCDOT wraps up its contract on NC's first (but surely not the last) HOT lanes contract.

As tolling becomes the preferred method for increasing road capacity on major arteries in NC, don't forget who brought them to us - NC's Republicans.  More specifically, they were brought to you by your NC Republican Leadership.

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