Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Looks like smooth sailing for new Board's first meeting...

After being circulated by a reader, last Friday's post on the Mayor Pro Tem selection for the next Board got a response from Town Hall.  Actually, it received multiple responses.

Commissioner Graham said there had been no discussion of anyone other than Beth Cashion.

Mayor Woods was "dismayed" and asked if my "goal" was "to foment confusion and distrust".  He then asked that I retract the post and "allow the Town Board to do its work for the citizens of Davidson."

In response to those comments here's the update to Friday's post.

Word has come in from Mayor Woods and Commissioner Graham that they will support Beth Cashion as Mayor Pro Tem.  Very glad to hear that!  They said they had not discussed otherwise and what I printed was incorrect.  In hindsight, I probably should have asked them directly to verify before printing this piece.  My concern was that the town follow tradition, and so I posted what I had heard.  I am glad I was wrong.  I'm more than glad to hear that there won't be a controversy around the subject tomorrow night - a night that should be a celebration for all involved.

That may not sound like the desired retraction they were looking to see, but I am truly very glad that the Board will go forward according to tradition.  As for my goal being to "foment" anything, nothing could be further from the truth.  My goal as always is to pursue open and transparent government wherever possible.

After an election season...
  • where the incumbents all ran as a slate, a nontraditional and divisive tactic for Davidson;
  • where Mayor Woods endorsed only incumbents, something multiple long-time Davidsonians told me they had not seen by a sitting mayor in previous elections;
  • where regarding Commissioner Wessner's defeat Mayor Woods was quoted after the election saying "it's a surprise and frankly it's a disappointment, but we're dealing with it"  - a feeling that means one of the two new Board members caused that disappointment
I don't think it should surprise anyone that people may be thinking more non-traditional actions might be in the offing.  I for one am very glad to hear that apparently is not the case.

This blog reports what I come across in the daily discussions I have with people in town and elsewhere regarding local politics.  I don't "make things up" - an accusation that was directed at me today by one of our electeds.  If people disagree or don't like what they hear, and that includes elected officials, they are more than welcome to submit comments.  I'll print them.

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