Friday, January 18, 2013

Red Line Lobbying Picks Back Up

Buried in this piece from the Charlotte Business Journal is a nugget about Charlotte lobbying for legislation to benefit the Red Line.

"as part of the city’s annual meeting with the local delegation of state lawmakers preceding the start of the General Assembly session. City lobbyist Dana Fenton included a couple of transit items in his agenda of items for support by the legislators. These included flexibility for special tax districts and government bond financing options that could be used for a proposed 25-mile commuter rail line between uptown and Mooresville" - CBJ Jan 14, 2013

The mention of "special tax districts" refers to the legislation that needs extending if the current Red Line financing plan is to go forward.

As mentioned in this post last July, Legislature Silently Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Red Line, the legislature pulled the extension of the required law's sunset provision out of Senate Bill 426 prior to passing the bill at the end of the last session.  The current special assessment law expires July 1, 2013.

Keep your eye on this one.  It will be interesting to see which legislators (if any) get behind extending this early in the new session.

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