Thursday, September 20, 2012

An example of a true activist...

The below piece from my friend Linda Angele was originally intended for the River Talk newsletter in River Run, but because of its political nature it was deemed as possibly "offensive".  How being an active member of your community could be offensive seems a bit hyper-sensitive to me, but these are the times in which we live.

Linda is one of the most sincere and dedicated activists I have ever met.  If you are interested in getting involved in local Republican politics, she can certainly point you in the right direction.

From Linda in italics below...

Precinct 127 Meeting with Linda and Co-Chair Randie Long
I am the Treasurer of North Mecklenburg Republican Women as well as the co-chair of precinct 127 (River Run and the east side of Davidson) and the Vice Chairman of the NC GOP 9th Congressional District.  I’m kept pretty busy and put in at least 30 hours a week, knocking on doors and making phone calls.  I want to get the GOP message out to as many people as I can during the election campaign.  I’ve been active in local and national politics for many years and started with the Young Republicans for Nixon when I was in college at the University of Miami.  Go ‘Canes!

My family discussed current events and politics every night at dinner.  Growing up during the Vietnam War era we always had a lot to talk about.  I grew up in Miami and saw how decisions by the Federal Government had a direct impact on how we lived.  I believe now and then that we must get involved and have our voices heard or others, who have no idea how their actions impact us, will make decisions for us.

My satisfaction comes from being a part of the process.  I just don’t understand people who say they “just don’t care”. 

North Mecklenburg Republican Women meets the second Tuesday of each month at Northstone Country Club and is open to all.  Our membership numbers about 100 and consists of women and men, young and “seasoned”.  We have a buffet dinner and speakers.  October is our annual “Pig Pickin’ and Politickin” event.  Most of the local and many state wide candidates attend.  It is always a good time to get to talk one on one with our candidates and elected officials.  We invite all who are interested to come to a meeting or just come by the GOP Victory Office in Magnolia Plaza in Cornelius and pick up yard signs, bumper stickers or help us make a few phone calls.  Anyone who would like to get involved with our organization can email us at or call me at 704-591-3238 for more information.

Linda and Paul Ryan Soon After Ryan Picked as VP Candidate

My family has lived in River Run for 18 years, moving from Chicago with my husband’s job transfer.  Retired now, he spends much of his time on our beautiful golf course, which he loves.  We both love it here because we have fantastic neighbors and friends AND the weather, for us, is ideal.  I live in flip-flops, even in winter.

My husband Ray, daughter Jenn and our “puppy” Maggie May support me in all my political efforts.  However, lately they often wonder when they’re going to get a home cooked meal.  If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are successful in the election we hope to get to Washington to celebrate the inauguration.

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