Sunday, June 4, 2017

Development stories drive breakout month at aShortChronicle

Here at aShortChronicle there isn't a huge emphasis on readership.  The mantra has always been it's more important "who" reads than "how many".

However, periodically we see spikes in the number of page views that warrant taking notice.  The month of May completed this past week was one of those events, or more accurately May included a series of those events.

Here's the monthly chart since the blog began over 5 years ago.

It doesn't show the total numbers because, well, it's always good to keep Town Hall guessing and on their toes.  However, let's just say even before this past month, readership had grown way bigger than ever expected - a fact that surely makes some blind faith Town Hall defenders cringe.

So what happened in May?  Stories about development happened.  That's what.

Three of the blog's all time top five posts happened in May - all about development related stories.  The story about Mooresville's Planning Board public hearing on the proposed Lake Davidson project rocketed to the all time #1 spot getting nearly 6000 page views.  The recent story about the Beaty Street project involving "lawyers, threats, and karma" now sits at #3 all time.  The story about Mooresville planning Lake Davidson with developers long before the public knew sits at #5.

With over 700 posts published, three top 5 posts in a single month definitely is unique.  However, it should be noted, those posts were just the "gravy".  May would have still been a record month even without them.

Town Hall and its minions may not like what we do or how we do it here at aShortChronicle, but the public seems to in growing numbers.  Then again, there is zero financial stake in this blogging operation for us. The same can not always be said for the interests of those who don't like it.

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