Monday, June 12, 2017

Save Davidson Ethics March on Tuesday

As Davidson electeds sit down Tuesday for a meeting full of critical long range decisions, they will be greeted by a good old fashioned protest.  Recent meetings have been packed with opponents of various plans, but protesters on the picket line is definitely a rarity.

Volunteers with the Save Davidson Facebook group have been hard at work getting the word out over this past weekend with the "magnet mobile" pictured above parked on Main Street most of the past three days and a flyer handout across town.

As these local activists have gotten more and more involved in local issues, particularly around the Beaty Street RFP, they have noticed many of the same things aShortChronicle has over the years.  (Staff working more in line with developer interests than what the townspeople want; conflicts of interest whether they meet the true legal definition or just common sense perception; spending priorities and their consequences that treat taxpayers money like the town's personal piggy bank.)

On Tuesday, all of that will result in a march on Town Hall.

Bonus Observatiin:  Commissioners will be making these critical long-term decisions and at this point, none of them have officially announced whether or not they plan to seek re-election.  That means they could be making these decisions as "lame ducks" who won't have to face the voters.  Filing is in mid-July.

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