Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kicking the hornets nest....Lake Davidson rezoning vote delayed

That's Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins in a text exchange with Commissioner David Coble regarding the controversy swirling around the Lake Davidson project near the Mecklenburg/Iredell County line.  It's the same text message thread mentioned in this story by the Mooresville Tribune.  (The exchange was sent to aShortChronicle by the citizen who obtained it via a FOIA request.)

The Tribune article outlines some of the details in the back and forth between Atkins and Coble, but not all.
Coble showed clear disdain for those most impacted by the potential Mooresville project, primarily Davidson residents. When caught, he gave a weak apology.  However, not only did Coble insult residents, Atkins got in on the game as well - a fact the Tribune article conveniently left out.

During the exchange, when asked if he'd seen one particular email from a resident discussing possible legal action, Atkins responded with this.

Maybe the crying kitty emoji is a sign of sympathy, but that seems unlikely.

The rest of the text exchange shows how Mooresville is planning to respond.  There are mentions of interviews with local mainstream media including the Charlotte Business Journal and the Charlotte Observer.  They discuss how the elected Town officials should respond to these requests.  The answer is to say as little as possible and hide behind the idea they are just trying to be fair to the rezoning request.  Both of them indicate they have no interest in a delay.

They must have changed their mind when the hornets showed up to pack Mooresville Town Hall Monday night because delay is exactly what they did.

What kicked that nest?  Here's the first text in the overall thread.

Glad to see Mayor Atkins is a reader of aShortChronicle.  

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