Thursday, June 15, 2017

2nd non-incumbent announces plans to run for Davidson's Board

Two years ago, Davidson resident Michael Angell ran for Davidson's Board as the only challenger to a full slate of incumbents.  Angell came up short in 2015 but he appears ready to try again this year.  In a Wednesday announcement on Facebook Angell had this to say:

Fellow citizens of Davidson.  After all the shenanigans at town hall over the last few months, I simply cannot take anymore.  I have decided to run for Commissioner of Davidson.  My platform can be distilled to "Transparency and Trees."  The sudden explosion of growth around Davidson will ruin our town if we do not continue to take steps in preventing the development of every parcel of land.  The citizens of Davidson deserve their voice to be heard about the new Town Hall so funding MUST come from a bond referendum.  The wishes for Beatty Street MUST be upheld.  The apartment building on Potts street MUST be stopped.  The Town MUST find a way to get out of the money draining MI Connection.  

About me:
NOT a developer
NOT someone who would benefit from growing residential housing.  

I am a retired Army veteran that adopted Davidson as my home town when my wife and children settled here during my deployment to Iraq.  They remained here while I finished the last 7 years to retirement in 2011.  I fell in love with this town and am determined to keep it from becoming over developed.  

Thanks for those of you who supported me two years ago.  We were very close to removing one tou the commissioners.  This is the year we start to take back our town.

Angell makes some strong statements in this announcement that likely ring true with many voters - covering several hot button issues.  What is unsaid is that the commissioner who Angell came closest to removing last time was Commissioner Brian Jenest.  Commissioner Jenest's firm also happens to be involved in the Potts Street appartmemts Angle mentions specifically.

Could that be a first shot across the bow this election cycle?  We will have to wait and see, but with filing just around the corner we won't have to wait too long.

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