Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It's "official", Laurie Venzon running for Davidson Mayor

aShortChronicle is usually more on top of these things, but every now and then something slips by the information dragnet.  That happened last week when we missed an important email that went to an infrequently monitored email account.  For that we apologize to our regular readers.

Here's what was missed.

On Tuesday May 30th, former Davidson Commissioner Laurie Venzon issued the first public announcement of her campaign for Davidson Mayor at the November election.

That makes her the third candidate to say they will seek that office, the others being Rusty Knox and current mayor, John Woods.  Official filing doesn't start until mid-July, but having three people seriously talking about running for Davidson Mayor certainly makes this upcoming election cycle interesting.

Here is what the announcement from the Venzon campaign had to say.

Venzon's announcement shows she is keyed in on the issues that have riled up residents over the past few years.  It's good to see her previous experience on the Board didn't leave her with a bad case of the tone deafness that seems very contagious around Town Hall these days.

aShortChronicle first let readers know Venzon was likely to be a candidate in this story back in February.  Venzon filed paperwork with the Board of Elections back in November 2016 and raised about $2500 before year end.  The next round of campaign reports won't be out until late July.

Venzon looks to be puting together an experienced campaign team.  Her campaign treasurer is listed as Brenda Kolls of Davidson, and Venzon confirmed for aShortChronicle that she has also hired local political consultant Neil Orr as a "campaign strategist".  This is the same pair Commissioner Beth Cashion used for the same roles when she ran for the Board in 2013 where she was the top vote getter.

With this announcement, things are shaping up to be a real horse race in Davidson this November.

You can check out her campaign website at

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