Thursday, June 8, 2017

Suspects still at large from Tuesday burglary

aShortChronicle followed up with the Town of Davidson on Thursday regarding the early Tuesday AM incident involving three burglary suspects.

Residents were contacted by the town Tuesday morning via email, text message, and social media regarding an incident.

At 9:05 AM an email blast informed residents that...

"On Tuesday, June 6 at approximately 4:27 a.m., the Davidson Police Department received a call reporting a burglary of a home in the Page’s Pond neighborhood off Davidson-Concord Road. Officers responded as the three suspects were fleeing the scene in a vehicle. Three suspects, all wearing ski masks, crashed the vehicle in the McConnell neighborhood on Morrison Hill Road.

One suspect is a black male who knocked on the door of a home along Grey Road, claiming he had been robbed. When the homeowner said he would call the police, the suspect fled."

At 9:24 AM a text message for subscribers to the civic alert system arrived.  The word was also put out on Facebook and Nextdoor.

At about 3pm a follow-up set of communications went out saying:

"We believe the three suspects have fled the area and that there is no immediate threat to Davidson residents related to this investigation."

While it was certainly a relief to hear the update, a few residents did raise questions on the Nextdoor social media app as to why the initial communications did not go out earlier considering the location and that it was a school day.

Thursday afternoon, aShortChronicle heard back on a request to see if there was any more information such as if the vehicle involved was stolen.  Here's the latest from Public Information Officer, Christina Shaul.

"The investigation is still underway. Our police department is actively seeking suspects, and we are pursuing every lead based on evidence as it arises. At the moment, we are unable to comment about the status of the recovered vehicle, beyond the fact that it remains a critical piece of evidence to our investigation."

If you have any information, including home security video, please contact Detective Jay Stokes at the Davidson Police Department at 704-892-5131.

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