Monday, September 12, 2016

Improvements for Bradford neighborhood featured on Davidson agenda

The agenda for Tuesday's Davidson Town Board meeting is up, and for residents of the Bradford neighborhood it holds two items which have long been sought-after for quite some time.

Existing Beacon at Robert-Walker Drive
The first is in the consent agenda and likely won't be discussed directly.  It's an agreement with NCDOT for the installation of flashing beacons at the intersection of Davidson-Concord Rd and Apollinaire Dr.  Similar beacons are at the dangerous Robert-Walker/Davidson-Concord intersection just down the road.

Readers will remember the recent discussion about lowering the speed limit along that stretch of Davidson-Concord.   After significant citizen input and pressure, NCDOT agreed to lower the speed to 35mph from 45mph.  That had been something desired by the Town for years.

The most recent round of public discussion kicked off after aShortChronicle posted these videos of multiple traffic incidents involving school buses at the Apollinaire intersection.

The beacons at Apollinaire will be a welcome addition now that school is back in session!

The second item on the agenda is an agreement about repaving most of the streets in Bradford.

For the past few years the Bradford HOA, the Town, and the neighborhood developer have been working on a plan to remediate issues with the streets before the town takes over control as development completes.

The developer has bonds with the town that can be used for this.  Additionally, as part of an earlier agreement $25,000 per lot sold has been going into an escrow account to fund these improvements.

Poetry Way 1st Bradford
Street to be "reclaimed"
Work began last week on what's called "full depth reclamation" of all streets in the neighborhood except for Wooden Tee which was determined to not have the same subgrade issues causing problems elsewhere.

Details of the final agreement are not yet up on the town website, but closing this project out will be a welcome relief to homeowners.

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