Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Enforcement waaaaay up on Davidson-Concord Rd after speed limit lowered

Tuesday's Davidson Town Board meeting brought an update on pedestrian safety from Chief Miller and Public Information Officer Christina Shaul.

One of the big topics was the impact of the lower speed limits on Davidson-Concord Road implemented in June.  That's when speed limits were reduced to no more than 45mph and down to 35mph starting at the Beaver Dam House coming into town.

Accidents were compared from June 1st through late September for both 2015 and 2016.  As you can see there was actually 1 more accident during the period this year.  It's hard to say if speed was a major factor in any of them.

What was definitely true is that enforcement was way up.  Increasing enforcement was actually a condition of NCDOT lowering the speed limit.

In 2015 only one ticket was written on the road.  This year?  36 tickets and 17 warnings were written!

As someone who lives on the road and drives it every day, it seems noticeably safer from a speed perspective.

But don't say you weren't warned.  The DPD is definitely watching!

2015 Accidents

1.       07 19 2015 @ 1816 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ Parting Oaks Lane.  Vehicle #1 left Parting Oaks and pulled into oncoming traffic from Davidson Concord Road, striking Vehicle #2 in the right rear.  No injuries.
2.       07 02 2015 @ 1732 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ East Rocky River roundabout.  Vehicles #1 and #2 were northbound on Davidson Concord Road.  As Vehicle #2 approached the roundabout, they slowed, yielding to traffic in the roundabout.  Vehicle #1 failed to reduce speed and collided with Vehicle #2.  Medic called to the scene.  No transport.
3.       08 31 2015 @ 0836 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ NC 73.  Vehicle #2 was stopped on Davidson Concord Road, waiting for oncoming traffic.  Vehicle #1 struck Vehicle #2 in the left rear when it failed to stop.

2016 Accidents

1.       07 14 2016 @ 1544 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ Barnhardt Road.  Vehicle #2 was stopped waiting to make a turn onto Barnhardt Road.  Vehicle #1 failed to slow, striking Vehicle #2 in the rear.  Both vehicles sustained major damage rendering them inoperable.
2.       06 17 2016 @ 0605 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ Appolinaire Drive.  Vehicle #1 was traveling north on Davidson Concord Road.  Driver stated that an animal ran in front of her vehicle.  She veered off to the right side of the road, colliding with a metal Caution sign, damaging the right side door and rear quarter panel.
3.       07 22 2016 @ 1649 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ NC 73.  Vehicle #1 was traveling south on Davidson Concord Road.  Vehicle #2 was stopped due to vehicular traffic on NC73.  Vehicle 1 struck Vehicle #2 in the rear.
4.       07 29 2016 @ 1714 hours.  Davidson Concord Road @ June Washam Road.  Vehicle #1 pulled off the roadway to make a U-turn.  Vehicle #2 continued with its northbound travel.  Vehicle #2 was  struck in the front left corner by Vehicle #1.

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