Thursday, September 8, 2016

Citizens giving back in #Davidson

There are lots of great things about living in Davidson, but one of the best is the people.  Citizens here regularly take it upon themselves to do things to make the community better

This week brings updates on a couple of citizen led initiatives previously reported on here at aShortChronicle. 

In early August we told you about the Adopt-A-Cop initiative started locally by Christine Feeney of Davidson.  The effort had s goal of raising $3600 for 6 replacement bullet-proof vests for the DPD.

On Tuesday, Feeney was happy to report that the effort raised $4155, just $45 short of enough for a seventh vest.

Excellent work!  Thanks to all who donated!

Just so there is no confusion, one thing needs to be noted.  The fact that this effort was raising money for vests does not mean the town didn't budget for them.  (Some readers thought that might be the case back in August.)  The funds raised for the vests will allow the town to re-prioritize for other needs.  Officers will get to know however that the vests they are wearing came from citizens who cared enough to give.

In a second, bid of "Good Citizen" news this week, the Davidson Community Garden reports another strong season of food donations to the Ada Jenkins food pantry.  1784 lbs have been donated so far this year, well on the way towards the annual 1-ton goal.

The Davidson Community Garden has become a mainstay of citizen volunteerism as it now ends the seventh summer.  In the most recent email from Connie and Eddie Beach who oversee things, they remind readers of the involvement of Davidson College students who have been a source of volunteers since the beginning.  The garden which was the Brainchild of Connie and Eddie does a great job at bringing in people from all walks of life in Davidson to share in a common goal.

Just a couple of examples if why Davidson is a great place.  If you've got an example people should know about, leave it in the comments.

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