Monday, October 24, 2016

Jane Campbell's latest flyer denies impact of social issues on her campaign.

aShortChronicle has covered the blizzard of campaign flyers funded by dark money blasting Rep John Bradford in support of Jane Campbell's quest to unseat the NC98 incumbent. Those flyers have been mostly about the I77 HOT lanes issue.

The interesting and contradictory point about those flyers was that Campbell's stated reason for getting in the race was the controversy around HB2 - not I77.

Now comes a flyer from the NC Democrats stating Campbell's priority isn't even HB2!!!

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This of course does not mesh with media reports or Campbell's own campaign website.

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“HB2 was really the tipping point for me,” said Jane Campbell.

There's also this one on her site and this podcast as well which focus primarily on HB2 being the reason for her entering the race.

This most recent flyer also bashed Rep Bradford over "social issues" more generally.  Yet, Campbell's campaign has been endorsed by multiple social issue advocacy groups that would be described as anything but moderate.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the country's leading LGBT advocacy group.  HRC advocacy was behind passing the City of Charlotte ordinance which spawned the whole HB2 controversy.  The HRC endorsed Cambell in September.

Lillian's List has also endorsed Campbell.  The group is the state version of Emily's List.  It is the leading pro abortion rights advocacy group in the state.  aShortChronicle told readers about Lilian's list two years ago when the group endorsed Bradford's former opponent, Democrat Natasha Marcus.  Lillian's List has Campbell listed as one of their featured candidates this election cycle.

In the linked podcast, Campbell admits that if she had filed during the open filing period, she would have run as a Democrat.  Instead, she is on the ballot as an Unaffiliated candidate.

Misleading flyers both against her opponent and in support of her campaign should not dissuade voters from knowing who they are voting for in this election.

Campbell is running on as the effective replacement Democrat on a standard Democrat social issues platform this campaign season.

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