Saturday, May 28, 2016

The "little free libraries" of #Davidson

Have you noticed those birdhouse-looking things on posts filled with books around town?

They are the local outposts of the "little free library" movement - a philanthropic idea started in 2009 by a couple of guys in Wisconsin.  Accordong to the organization's website, what began as an effort to build 2,500 free book exchanges in the spirit of Andrew Carnegie - an early supporter of libraries in the U.S. - has exploded to over 36,000 mostly in the last 3 years.

The idea is you bring books and exchange them with ones you find in the library you would like to read.  There are usually a good number of childrens books, and it's a great way to encourage kids to read.  They love going to see what's in these little houses.

Here are the ones we've seen around town.  Know of any others?

Greenway at Bottom of Kimberly

North Faulkner in McConnell

South Street

Pine St/Virginia St

Appollinaire in Bradford neighborhood

Catawba Ave

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