Sunday, July 9, 2017

Big meetings, big decisions, big controversy on docket in Mooresville and Davidson this coming week

Big development related decisions are on the agendas for Mooresville/Davidson on Monday/Tuesday this coming week, and each is likely to yield some controversy.

Social media sites are encouraging people to attend and show their displeasure with the Lake Davidson development rezoning request in Mooresville on Monday and with the Beaty Street RFP developer selection in Davidson on Tuesday.  See here and here for the details on each.

Citizens opposed to both projects have been working diligently - pursuing any and all options to derail these large scale projects that will occur in close proximity to each other, on similar propose6thd timelines, on already overcrowded NC115.  To date, those efforts appear to have fallen largely on deaf ears at local Town Halls.

Enough shenanigans have certainly come out of those halls of power to have earned officials the ire of the people they supposedly represent.  See here, here, here, and  here for examples.

aShortChronicle has received indications that both meetings could see some surprises as activists pull out all the stops before potential votes that could change this portion of the Lake Norman area from bucolic small-town America to Birkdale on steroids.

Stay tuned as this story unfolds over the next few days.

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