Friday, July 7, 2017

BREAKING: Beaty RFP vote on Tuesday agenda

After Davidson Town Hall botched a planned vote on the Beaty Street RFP last month, it looks like it is set to try again this coming Tuesday.

Note the last item on this coming Tuesday's Board meeting agenda- "Consider Approval of Beaty Street Developer".

Readers will remember the Town initially scheduled this vote over the planned retirement party for retiring DPD Chief Jeanne Miller then suddenly cancelled the vote mere hours before it was scheduled to occur on June 13th.  Those scheduling errors on the Town's part certainly made it look like the Town was using the retirement of its long-time police chief as a potential shield against citizen protests of this controversial Beaty Street vote.

That tactic did not stymie protesters who showed up anyway and brought the largest media coverage Davidson has seen in a long time.

Seeing how that did not work, now the vote is being scheduled to occur during peak vacation season.

There is nothing currently in the agenda item other than the below new Master Plan picture.

New Luminous Master Plan

Here is the original Luminous proposal.

Original Luminous Master Plan

While there is no other documentation in the town website on the new proposal other than this first picture, one can assume the differences are from this list of changes sent from the developer dates June 9th.

This new plan appears to offer more protection from impact to the Hobbs Hill neighborhood by eliminating the affordable housing complex along Beaty Street and maintaining more tree buffer on the Main Street side.  It also bumps up the park acreage to 8.2 acres which is still less than half of the total acreage.

Other than that, it looks primarily the same as the original plan.  However, it is hard to tell without more detail - detail not yet provided.

It is hard to see how the Board could think presenting this new plan and voting on it the same night is a good idea, but stranger things have happened.

Would recommend checking the agenda item over the weekend in case more detail is added.

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  1. As I recall, the original seller/gift? of this land to the Town of Davidson in the 1980's intended for it to be used as a park and not for the town to re-sell it to a developer. In the 40 years or so the board took no action on this matter so the land and pond stand there as it was.
    Lawfully, the town can do what it wants with town property,however, do we want or need more development bringing with it additional pollution, population and automobiles? Already there is frequent bumper to bumper backup traffic on Davidson's main street with parking places difficult to find.