Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New news site for Davidson "coming soon"...just in time for #DavidsonElection2017

Rumors of a new source for Davidson town news have been swirling for quite some time now.  aShortChronicle first reported on this back in April, with this post "New source for news of Davidson on the way?" Now, it appears the wait is almost over.

A new website that had been dark, has finally gone live...sort of...

Here at aShortChronicle, we say the more the merrier when it comes to news sources about town.  What makes this potential new news site interesting is the timing and who is behind it.

A search of WHOIS, shows that Jane Campbell of Davidson reserved the website name.  There is also a non-profit 501c3 organization with the same name and mailing address.  The IRS site says donations are 50% deductible.

Readers will remember that Campbell unsuccessfully ran for the NCGA in 2016 trying to unseat NC98 Rep John Bradford.  Now this year, rumor has it that Campbell may jump into the race for Davidson Commissioner.

That rumor was corroborated by this trial balloon announcement last month on the Save Davidson Facebook group by Heather McKee.

In a follow up question on that FB thread, McKee was asked if it was Jane Campbell.  The answer was "yes".  McKee went on to say...

It should be noted that the responses in that thread were highly favorable to a potential Campbell candidacy, but what makes this even more interesting is that McKee lists herself as a "columnist" at NewsOfDavidson.org on her own FB profile.

With filing only a few days away and campaign season ready to start, having a new news site preparing to launch - one that can accept anonymous tax free donations and with clear links to a potential candidate - things are setting up to be more interesting than usual here in Davidson.

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