Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OUCH!!! - No Confidence Resolution for Mayor Chuck Travis

Here is the no confidence resolution the Cornelius Board will vote on tonight.

Link to document


  1. Can't this idiot be recalled and put out office, damn carpetbagger.

  2. I dont really care where he came from but will not be unhappy to see him go.

    To answer your question though, NC does not have a general recall provision and oy a very small number of municipalities have one in their charters. Adding one would require a local act if the NCGA.

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  4. Mayor Travis is a good man and he has our best interests at heart. I am ashamed of the people here. They squawk and call people names, but Mayor Travis ran unopposed a year ago. If people cared so much...why don't they step up to the plate? and where is their plan if the tolls get canceled? hmmmmm?????? Where is the plan and how long to implement it?