Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ambush of Anti-Toll efforts on #NCGA Town Day - AGAIN!

This is like a bad dream...

Over three years ago aShortChronicle posted an article about an ambush of anti-toll activists by then Speaker Thom Tillis during the annual NCGA Town Day in Raleigh

That post, titled "HOT Lanes: The Empire Strikes Back", was the first post on the site to get what could be called a significant number of page views in a single day.  It hit a nerve.  It exposed the kind of behaviour individuals within government were capable of stooping to in order to pursue their dream of HOT lanes.  It was the first of many posts that would continually expose that fact.

Yesterday, that type of ambush happened again.

Late Wednesday/early Thursday word began leaking out of something hard to believe.

Mayor Woods and Mayor Travis traveled to Raleigh on Wednesday during this year's Town Day event and met with Senate President Phil Berger to strongly advocate for the HOT lanes project.

They did so behind the backs of their respective Boards. They did so against the will of their constituents.  They did so when they knew it would hurt the most.

This level of betrayal of the public trust when clearly an overwhelming majority of the public opposes the HOT lanes project is shocking.  It is hard to believe.  Even after all the underhanded and dishonest actions by the pro-tollers over many years, this one earns these elected officials a special place in the hall of fame for bad faith actors.

Benedict Arnold has nothing on these two.

In a conversation with Davidson Mayor Pro Tem, Beth Cashion, it was confirmed that none of the Davidson Board was made aware of the meeting prior to its occurrence or that Mayor Woods would attend.  In fact the plan was that Davidson was not sending anyone to Town Day this year.

Cashion went on to say that based on what is being communicated by those who were in the room, Mayor Woods was not accurately representing the position of the Board or the Town of Davidson.

In other words Mayor Woods was spreading "misinformation".

Woods loves to accuse people of spending so called misinformation.  It's his polite way of calling people liars when he disagrees with them.  See here for more on that.

Today, it looks like he was engaging in spreading misinformation himself at the expense of those he supposedly represents.

As the dust settles on this one, Davidson's Board will need to decide what to do with the Mayor.  If he misrepresented their wishes to one of the highest officials in the state, there must be consequences.

Woods has not returned multiple requests for comment from aShortChronicle and as of earlier today he supposedly was not returning calls from Commissioners either.  The town Public Information Officer also says he is unavailable.

The cone of silence has descended.

If mayor Woods or the town responds, there will be an update.

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