Friday, September 22, 2017

Rusty Knox snags first big endorsement in Davidson Mayoral race

On Thursday, one of the leading organizations on the #1 regional issue announced its endorsements on the upcoming elections.  That would be the I77 Business Plan group leading the charge against the I77 HOT lanes project.  The group is made up of heavy hitters in the Lake Norman community. 

Interestingly, the announcement gives particular focus to the race for Davidson Mayor.  See below...

September 20, 2017

I-77 Business Plan Announces Endorsement List for the Upcoming North Mecklenburg Municipal Town Elections.

Lake Norman, NC - The I-77 Business Plan is a group of elected officials, community and business leaders who have worked together over the last few years to articulate the extreme negative impact of the I-77 TOLL project and lobby for the cancellation of the CINTRA Toll Contract.
The I-77 Business Plan has attracted extraordinary support and realized overwhelming success in the last several election cycles; by endorsing candidates and working the polls to support those candidate who understand the significant problems of CINTRA Contract and support its cancellation.

Today, few credible candidates support the tolls and most leaders understand its detriment to the community without solving the problem of congestion.  Therefore, this election cycle, the I-77 Business Plan chose to identify the individuals who have not only supported cancellation, but also have put forth significant personal effort and activity in an attempt to cancel the CINTRA toll contract.  We further want to speak directly to the single candidate who has actively worked against our efforts, John Woods in Davidson.  As Mayor, John Woods has repeatedly and enthusiastically supported this project, continuing to give credence to the false narrative that only a small number of activist are against the project, and promoting the misleading rhetoric that north Mecklenburg wants this toll project to continue.  As Mayor, he traveled to Raleigh to meet with Senate Pro Tem Berger to lobby to leave the contract in place.  When reporters questioned John Woods why he obviously went against his community wishes, he was disingenuous to indicate that he met with Senate Pro Tem Berger as an ordinary citizen.  We strongly encourage voters of Davidson to support Rusty Knox.

It is with this in minds that we announce the following endorsements for the November municipal election cycle
Endorsement for Town Commissioners (in alphabetical order):
Town of Cornelius -                 Jim Duke
                                                Michelle Ferlauto
                                                Dave Gilroy
                                                Dr Michael Miltich
                                                Kurt Naas
                                                William Rakatansky

Town of Davidson –                Jim Fuller
                                                Stacey Anderson

Town of Huntersville –           Dan Boone
                                                Mark Gibbons
                                                Charles Guignard
                                                Danny Phillips                           
Endorsement for Mayor:
          Town of Cornelius –      Woody Washam

          Town of Davidson -       Rusty Knox

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