Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx - Sure, why not?

Mayor Foxx for Transportation Secrtary?

I mean...
  • he's completed exactly zero major transportation infrastructure projects end-to-end.
  • his signature transit project, the Charlotte Streetcar, is so ridiculous that it's bogged down in a board where his party has a 9-2 majority.
  • his city's transit plan is bankrupt.
  • he's the in-house counsel for a "green" transit company, a job he took immediately after becoming mayor.
  • he's coordinated a committee to resurrect the bankrupt transit plan by figuring out how to raise taxes, and he's gotten Republican support for the same.
  • he's hoodwinked a heavily Republican General Assembly into supporting HOT Lanes on 77 which benefits Democratic Charlotte with tolls paid for by voters from Republican North Mecklenburg.

With skills like that, he should fit in just fine in Washington, DC.

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