Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NC Senate Files to Stop Tolls on I-95...I-77?

On Wednesday, S218 was filed in the State Senate by to explicitly prohibit tolls on I-95.   One would have to expect a warm welcome for this bill if it makes it to the House.  See this video of Speaker Tillis commenting back in June 2012 on his opposition to tolling our Interstates..

If passed it would protect citizens from a "money grab" to use Speaker Tillis's own words.

Tolling I-77 via HOT lanes would seem to be consistent with that "money grab" scenario.  Hopefully, if that eventually comes before the legislature as indicated in this Fox Charlotte segment, it would receive the same jaundiced reception from Speaker Tillis.

The Economics of Turning I-77 into a Toll Road

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